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Q: What are RSS feeds and how can I receive them?
A: Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. It allows you to identify content you wish to have delivered directly to you. Instead of having to visit your favourite blogs each day to check for new posts, you can subscribe to their content feeds and receive their new posts via your e-mail, browser or a news aggregator.

Some news sites have a 'subscribe' box that asks for your email address, others have a 'subscribe' button or an 'RSS feeds' (or simply 'Feeds') button that causes that site's feeds to be added to an RSS feeds list in your browser.

There are several ways to receive RSS feeds, depending on your browser, mail software or online webmail provider. Look up 'RSS feeds' in the Help section of your browser or mail program. Gmail users (and probably other online webmail users) will find a 'Reader' link (or something similar) on their mail page which takes them to the Google Reader application. Some other web based mail interfaces have readers integrated but not all do. Using an online reader has the advantage that you still get your feeds even if you are not using your own PC.

Further information is also available here. A list of different RSS readers can be found here.

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