A WTO challenge to China’s internet censorship is long overdue

View of a Baidu office building in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, 2 March 2016. (Photo: AAP).

Author: Claude Barfield, AEI

For the first time this year, the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) ‘National Trade Estimate Report’ took note of China’s Great Firewall. Granted, it was with this tame statement: ‘China’s filtering of cross-border Internet traffic has posed a significant burden to foreign suppliers’. Read more…

Is India holding the line against another TPP?

Demonstrators hold a banner against the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during a protest in Lima, Peru. (Photo: AAP)

Authors: Kyla Tienhaara, ANU and Belinda Townsend, Deakin University

On 2 May 2016, US President Barack Obama published an op-ed in the Washington Post in an attempt to bolster support for the highly controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP has become a political football in the US election primaries, with all of the leading candidates for President expressing their opposition to it.

Read more…

Can India negotiate a new trade strategy?

A villager stands outside her house in Rozajalalpur, near the Noida Extension in the outskirts of New Delhi, India. (Photo: AAP).

Author: Amitendu Palit, NUS

India’s approach in negotiating regional and bilateral free trade agreements (FTAs) is again in sharp focus. Concern is rising over long delays in concluding a number of major agreements India is a part of. Read more…

China’s global economic impact is no longer state-owned

View of the headquarters building of Fosun Group in Shanghai, China, 22 May 2014. (Photo: AAP).

Author: Paul Hubbard, ANU

State-owned enterprises (SOEs) are often thought to dominate the Chinese market, with profound implications for the global economy. The US–China Economic and Security Review Commission stated that ‘Soviet-style, top-down planning remains a hallmark of China’s economic and political system’. Read more…

Why China’s e-commerce rules have exporters in a flurry

Stacks of shipping containers are seen at the Port of Qingdao in Qingdao city, in east China's Shandong province. (Photo: AAP)

Author: Ryan Manuel, ANU

Many travellers’ favourite game involves finding original ways of increasing the amount of duty-free goods they bring through customs. Here in Australia, for example, we appear so fascinated by customs procedures that the reality TV show Border Security is in its 15th season, and has been exported to nearly a dozen countries. Read more…

Indian manufacturing lacks logistics

Kandla, one of India’s busiest ports, looks deserted as containers and cargo await loading onto stranded ships, in western India. (Photo: AAP).

Author: Saurabh Bandyopadhyay, NCAER

The state of India’s manufacturing sector is concerning. Especially when compared to the massive transformation registered in this sector by other Asian countries in similar stages of development. Contributing around 16 per cent of India’s GDP, manufacturing remains far below its potential, which should be at least 25 per cent. Read more…

Trade policy lessons from Australia

Author: Bill Carmichael, Canberra

The goal of trade policy is not limited to increasing export opportunities. Nor is it just about improving trade balances. Rather trade policy is about taking opportunities to improve the economy’s productive base. Read more…