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The G20 Asia Forum is an initiative of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research, launched in the lead-up to the Seoul G20 meeting in November 2010. It draws on the existing links in EABER between research institutes and think-tanks in East and South Asia to bring together the latest research, analysis and comment on the G20.

Featured Publications

EAFQ Vol. 2 No. 4 - Asia and the G20

This issue of the Quarterly presents contributions from across the region to address some of the big questions that face Asia in the G20 and was distributed to all the G20 leaders at the Seoul summit. There are clearly Asian interests in the G20, although the region brings diverse perspectives and agendas to the global table, as it should. The problem of how well Asian members of the G20 can project broader regional interests and engage non-member support for those interests and agendas is also addressed.

Upcoming Events

Australia-China Dialogue on the G20

EABER and the Shanghai Institute for International Studies will co-host a roundtable for Chinese and Australian academics and policy-makers in Shanghai on November 9 2012 to discuss the agenda for Australia’s hosting of the G20 in 2014. This will be followed by consultations with representatives of the Chinese Finance Ministry in Beijing, co-hosted by EABER and Peking University’s China Centre for Economic Research.

Past Events

Asia G20 meetings

EABER co-hosted a series of roundtables in coordination with the Korean National Committee for Economic Cooperation (KOPEC) and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Jakarta in the lead up to the Seoul G20 summit in November 2010. These brought together academics and policy-makers from the KIA (Korea-Indonesia-Australia) group to work on joint priorities, which informed the Asian Agenda of Structural Reform for Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth of the Global Economy for the G20 summit in Seoul in 2010.

Attached documents:
G20 Korea Framework paper
Asia G20 meetings - report
Asia G20 meetings - list of participants

South and East Asian Economic Integration

This conference, consisting of a private roundtable bringing together academics and policy-makers from around the Asian region and a public forum was hosted by EABER in Canberra on 17-18 August 2011. The conference discussions focused on the role Asia can be expected to play as it becomes more economically important, as well as the evolution of regional and global architecture, especially the G20.

Attached documents: Public forum agenda

Thinking About the Asia Century

This conference, consisting of a private roundtable bringing together academics from Asia and the US and Australian policy-makers and a public forum was hosted by EABER in Canberra on 17-18 April 2012. It provided an opportunity to share and reflect on Asian perspectives on the meaning of the rise of Asia and its consequences.

Attached documents: Public forum agenda

Latest EAF Articles

  • A big deal: Canada and Mexico join the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    Author: Claude Barfield, American Enterprise Institute

    The most significant development during the G20 summit in Mexico occurred on the sidelines and was largely buried in media reports: the decision to invite Canada and Mexico to join negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP).

    Adding Mexico and Canada to the current nine-member TPP will result — if negotiations are successful — in a free trade area covering some 658 million people and about US$20.5 trillion in economic activity. Read the rest of this entry »

  • Food security: assessing the G20’s approach

    Author: Marie-Alice McLean-Dreyfus, ANU

    The recent meeting of G20 leaders in Los Cabos, Mexico, achieved little with regard to food security.

    With an ever-increasing number of malnourished people worldwide, this latest meeting of G20 leaders provided an opportunity to take an innovative approach to resolving food-security issues, but this opportunity was lost Read the rest of this entry »

  • Indonesia and the G20: a door left half open

    Author: Maria Monica Wihardja, Bank Indonesia

    Indonesia’s participation in the G20 Summit in Los Cabos was focused, strategic and effective. Despite these positives, criticism of Indonesia’s approach is not unwarranted.

    Indonesia’s approach was focused because it concentrated on three major issues: its ‘middle-way’ approach to balancing austerity and job creation, financial inclusion and infrastructure investment. Read the rest of this entry »

The G20 Asia Forum page is an initiative of the East Asia Forum and the East Asian Bureau of Economic Reasearch.